"Gum health impacts the rest of the body in many ways, please remember to look after your teeth and gums!"

Our services include dentistry with same day crowns possible, and kinesiology.

Laser Dentistry

Of the many treatments laser dentistry can offer, laser fillings is the one that will most change your visit to the dentist. In these new treatments a dental laser is used instead of a drill to remove decay before a filling is placed in the tooth.

The greatest benefit of laser fillings is that needles and drills are usually not required! This means no more high-pitched drilling noises and no more numb lips. Occasionally, a laser dentist will need to use a drill – for instance to remove amalgam. Also, a needle may sometimes be necessary for some patients, especially those with highly sensitive teeth.


Kinesiology uses the fundamental principle that the body has the ability for innate healing energies and does its best to care for itself, sometimes the body needs assistance to achieve this and this is where Kinesiology may help.
Some issues may be
– Lack of energy
– Dietary issues
– Insomnia
– TMJ (Jaw joint) issues
– Learning Difficulties
– Autism/Aspergers

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is the manipulation of soft tissue eg. tendons, ligaments and muscle, to relieve any tension or soreness that an individual may be experiencing, the massage helps to nurture the person back to health, by relaxing their muscles.  Some but not limited to all of these that Massage can assist with are Circulation issues, sports people in training, office workers or those with sedentary lifestyles.

Other Massage services available:

-Sports Massage

-Relaxation Massage