Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Of the many treatments laser dentistry can offer, laser fillings is the one that will most change your visit to the dentist. In these new treatments a dental laser is used instead of a drill to remove decay before a filling is placed in the tooth.

The greatest benefit of laser fillings is that needles and drills are usually not required! This means no more high-pitched drilling noises and no more numb lips. Occasionally, a laser dentist will need to use a drill – for instance to remove amalgam. Also, a needle may sometimes be necessary for some patients, especially those with highly sensitive teeth.

Laser fillings are usually quicker to do than conventional fillings, but occasionally they can be slower with different circumstances.  When taking into account the time taken for waiting for the numbness to take effect, in most cases it is quicker with the laser.  With the additional benefit of being able to do fillings in different areas of the mouth as you don’t need to worry about being numb all over.



Laser is often confused with UV heat lamps that heat a gel to create a re-action on the tooth surface. These lamps are broadband light and can heat the pulp of the tooth, which is undesireable.

Smartbleach® 3LT teeth whitening uses a unique and patented process that combines pure green light and a specially formulated red gel to create a photodynamic teeth whitening treatment that is highly effective yet gentle on the tooth enamel.

The techniques used in the Smartbleach® 3LT teeth whitening treatment are a result of extensive research over more than 14 years. It began with the general observation that people living in countries with a sunnier climate, tended to have whiter teeth.

How The Smartbleach® 3LT Teeth Whitening Treatment Works

Smartbleach® 3LT works by using a laser or Smartlight 3LT equipment to produce pure green light from the sunlight spectrum and matching this green light to a Smartbleach® patented red teeth whitening gel containing a special, non-acidic, preparation of hydrogen peroxide. Red and green are complementary colours and the consequent Smartbleach® interaction creates a non-acidic teeth whitening process. The result is a whiter, brighter teeth. Smartbleach® is also able to stabilise the smaller molecules, stopping them reforming into large ones. This means that the treatment lasts longer.

A typical Smartbleach® teeth whitening appointment lasts 45-50 minutes with the new 3LT teeth whitening system.  Firstly, the teeth are cleaned and dried by the dentist. A protective coating is applied to the gums and then the special Smartbleach® red gel is applied to the teeth and the green light is applied to the teeth.
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